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The world of scientific knowledge and scientific understanding is growing and changing at an ever increasing rate. New scientific research is challenging and changing many old concepts of science. Commercial, industrial and social applications of new science ideas are transforming the lives of people around the world.
Students of today must be prepared, willing and able to engage in and further develop the emerging learning in the new sciences, and to link this learning with the social and ethical issues that are important to the development of a fair and sustainable society for the future.
ASMS students and teachers work alongside university professionals and industry researchers to develop curriculum that is linked to the latest developments in the field. The involvement of such experts provides leading edge connections with the curriculum of the school. Students at the ASMS have the opportunity to work alongside world leading experts in their work.
Teaching and learning in the new sciences at the ASMS will ensure that students at the school develop a sound knowledge and understanding of science in the traditional disciplines of biology, chemistry, physics and geology as well as deep insights into the rapidly emerging understandings of the new sciences.