Kristen Barnett says:

Communication Studies within English (English Comms) focuses on the development of English skills, and in particular the communication process. Students learn to recognise the conventions of different text types and contexts. They consider the role of language in communication between individuals, groups and organisations. By reading, writing, viewing, listening and speaking, and through the use of information and communication technologies, students develop literacy skills in a broad range of contexts (SACE, 2013).

I really enjoyed English Communications when going through school purely because so many of the tasks related to everyday life situations and therefore I found them interesting and beneficial. Below are two of my year 12 assessment tasks that I found on my computer. The first task is looking at analysing and comparing adverts, recognising the audience they're aimed for and the advertising techniques used to engage them.

The second task that is looking at workplace writing. I feel that these tasks are so beneficial for students to learn through school to help them in the future. This is something that I look forward to teaching in the future. Feel free to adapt these tasks to suit you!