If you don't have any specific ideas, the following questions and statements from A Wilkins may provide some triggers to get you started. They are divided into areas to which they are most relevant, but may apply across a number of curriculum focus areas.


Does skin colour control people’s opinions?
Does social background control people’s opinion?
Does culture control people’s opinion?
Does the background control the consequence given? (crime)
Does culture or skin colour have an impact on the consequence given for an action? (crime)
Does gender control people’s opinion about anything?
Does where you came from change people's opinion about you?
Why does religion and race control what we see in the media, and what we hear from uneducated hate-criminals?
If the class struggle is maintained between western and eastern countries as it currently is, will other entire nations become, and remain ghettos, due to racially-motivated war and poverty?

Are we the controlled or the controllers.
Was Macbeth controlled by the witches?
Was Macbeth controlled by his destiny or did he control it?
Was Macbeth controlled by his fate? Or did he control his fate?
With Macbeth’s status (as king) was he able to control everyone?
Were the witches existence controlled by Macbeth’s needs, or did they control what Macbeth wanted?
Who was controlling who: Lady Macbeth or Macbeth?
Did Macbeth actually control anyone?
How did Lady Macbeth’s actions control her husband and everyone else?
Was Lady Macbeth controlled by her mind?
Were the witches controlling the devil?
How did the ghosts control Macbeth’s mind and actions?

Biochemical communications
Are we controlled by our hormones?
Do we control our hormones?
Are orgasms produces by oxytocin or do orgasms produce oxytocin?
Our hormones control us during puberty.
Do drugs control our actions?
How does medical treatment change the way our bodies control us?
How do chemicals control us?
How do we control chemicals?
Was the beginning of life controlled?
Is nature controlled?
Can we control nature?
How do we control chemistry to control ourselves?
How do our bodies affect chemistry?
How do chemicals control our body?
How does our body control chemicals?
How did drugs first control us?
How is the status of a drug controlled? (e.g. illegal, bad, good)
How do the effects of drugs on our bodies control us?
Puberty controls our emotions.
Emotions control all our actions.
We are the controlled as the hormones control us.
Are we controlled by love?
Is love chemical?
What is love?
We control the taking of drugs but once we fall under their influence they control us.

Global Media
Are we in control of the media?
Is the media in control of us?
Does the government have too much control over the media?
Rupert Murdoch owns all
What Rupert says goes
All animals are equal except...
Peer produced good, Rupert Murdoch better
Does the Fox news satellite watch your house!?
Uncle Rupert wants you. To do nothing
Don’t ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for Fox!
From each according to his ability, to each according to Fox!
Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. (Arthur C. Clarke)
Rupert Murdoch was behind nine eleven
News corp. is the new illuminati
Rupert Murdoch controls 70% of the media, explaining 70% of the above. The rest we blame on alcohol

Are we controlled by technology?
Technology will take over the world
Does MySpace control teenagers?
Are we in control of what websites we view?
Are we in control of what we learn at school?
We control the communication system.
It can be said that we are being controlled by telephones etc as we are helpless if don't have them.

Our environment
Other people can control us (as the witches influenced Macbeth).
We are controlled by the environment we live in. eg you can't go swimming in the desert (or can you?)
We can control the environment to some extent, or just move.