JeanC says:
This is the index page to a set of resources, exemplars, discussions and ideas developed as a Professional Learning Community of student teachers in their 3rd and 4th year curriculum studies. Student teachers and others interested in their professional development can add contributions to any page or create new pages as appropriate.
Click here for a link that explains the key elements of a Professional Learning Community so that you are clear about the intentions of this web we are constructing. Remember to
  • get group username and password (posted in FLO) to edit -- not needed just to read
  • click on SAVE after you have posted your contribution and remember to sign out so that others can edit the same page
  • make a backup of materials and paste in rather than working online with the texts and images so that nothing is lost, which also minimises time-blocks to others online and chances of everyone trying to edit>save at same time.
  • preface your entries with your name so your contribution can ‍‍‍‍be credited‍‍‍‍
  • reference all inserted images and copied text to acknowledge copyright appropriately.
  • contact Jean on for any problems in editing or use the Help button at top right of screen.
Just click on the links below to access topic pages.You can add new topics with their own new pages by inserting a new link. This is the preferred option if you want to insert substantial blocks of text. Graphics and coloured text are welcome, such as icons for topics will make our pages more appealing, but make sure you acknowledge sources and seek permission to use images wherever ownership is apparent.

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