Why bother about referencing?

Using referencing correctly is absolutely essential in senior secondary and tertiary studies, where so much research from books, journals and the Web is involved. Of course you can use other people's ideas and images in your writing.
BUT...you need to show exactly where these ideas and images have come from, otherwise you are committing the dreadful crime of plagiarism (ideas theft) and then you risk the penalty of a zero score. Your teachers know all about this, and there are websites that will let teachers check whether this is happening in your writing, and so do you want to take the risk?

How do you learn about referencing?

There are many referencing systems, each with different features, but those most commonly used in South Australian universities and around the world are as follows:
The key is to list references alphabetically, in a systematic way that has been agreed among academics and libraries. The whole point of a bibliography or reference list is that it should make it easy to find the section of a source text to which you refer in your writing.
Learn more about each system by clicking on the links above.

What tools will help you with referencing?

Follow the links below to see how to

Wikipedia has a useful page reviewing a wide range of referencing software, with links back to the websites for downloading these tools.