This wiki is intended to support high school students with English-focus tasks across the curriculum.

Why find out more about your own writing?

  • You are generally asked to write in order to demonstrate your knowledge and understandings about a topic you are studying.
  • To achieve success, you need to be able to communicate clearly. This sounds simple, but communicating is quite a complex process.
  • Communicating in writing is even more complex because everything has to be carried in the words and the way they are combined into sentences and paragraphs to construct a report or essay.

external image CommunicationsProcess.GIF

The diagram here makes the process look quite linear, like driving down a straight road, but the road to communication is never straight and there are lots of roadblocks and traffic jams and lots of interference that communications researchers call noise, which get in the way of clear communication. The more complex the ideas and the purpose for writing, the more potential for distortion and loss of communication.

Your teachers have criteria for success in each assignment that the rubrics spell out for you and our skill in communicating ideas is assessed. When you finish writing, do you have a clear idea of how well you meet the criteria of the rubric and what an Exemplary response looks like?

How might this Wiki help you?

Here you will find some ideas for making your writing more precise and powerful.
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